Have you ever traveled with your pet dog?

Well, if you have, then you know how messy it can get.

At times you can be tempted to pop them with some pills or perform a session of doggie Zen.

The good news is that you no longer have to do either of these.

Your best bet to keep your dog calm is to invest in calming treats.

It is hard to control dogs that are hyperactive, excited, and energetic.

This behavior can be a result of recent illness, anxiety, or other issues.

Regardless, you must keep your dog calm, especially when traveling on a plane.

There are many pet calming treats in the market that pet parents can purchase.

However, it can be challenging to choose the perfect one for your pet.

Many products in the market come with sweeteners, artificial fillers, and additives.

You should be cautious about what your dog eats to avoid problems during travel, such as digestive problems and hyper activeness.

Remember that when your hound is calm you will enjoy your trip better.

In this guide, we will talk about how you can calm your dog before a plane flight, symptoms of dog travel anxiety, and the best treats you can carry for them when traveling.

Tips to Calm Your Dog When Traveling.

  • Airport Rehearsal.

One way of calming your dog before traveling is by having airport rehearsal.

If you live near an airport, you can take your dog out for a visit.

Let them get used to the airport atmosphere, the noise, and even the smell.

This will help your dog not to get intimated when the flight day arrives.

If there is no nearby airport close to where you live, you can use airplanes recordings and airplane voices to give your dog a snippet of how it feels likes to use a plane.

In case you notice that your dog gets anxious, you can try going slowly with the noise and only increase the volume once your pooch shows signs of adjustment.

  • Amazing Crate.

Wouldn’t it be great if your dog buckled up in a passenger’s seat next to you when flying?

Sadly, that day is far from here. Until then, you will have to make use of a fantastic crate.

Several weeks before your departure, you should ensure that you set up your dog’s crate in an amazing and homely way.

You want to make the crate as comfortable as it can get to give your hound that homely feeling.

One way of making the crate enticing is by always keeping it open, placing some treats inside, and spreading warm, cozy blankest inside the crate.

You want to create a positive experience for your dog so that the day he finally travels; they will be already accustomed to that kind of atmosphere.

  • Tired Dogs are Calm Dogs.

What happens when you go for a long run? You get tired, but mostly your body and mind relax.

That is the same thing that happens to your dog each time you take them for walks and exercises.

Exercises make your dog calmer and better fly. Take some time off and take your pet for a walk before heading to the airport.

Take another short walk to the airport. This will allow your dog to relieve themself and stop being on edge.

  • Natural Calming Aids.

While you may have practiced a lot, it can be hard for your dog to be relaxed during the flight and especially if it is the first time.

If you get tensed up, your dog will also sense that things are not okay.

Giving your dog tranquilizers and sedatives will only cause problems in the long run.

Assimilating tranquilizers and sedatives to your dog can end up impairing your dog’s ability to balance and maintain equilibrium.

It might also lead to an increase in respiratory and heart problems.

Spraying your dog with a pheromone spray can help calm your dog. You can use the pheromone spray on the carrier.

  • Symptoms of Dog Travel Anxiety.

Some of the symptoms your pooch might show if they are anxious are panting, pacing, shaking, or being overly vocal.

Some dogs will go the extra mile and vomit, urinate and defecate.

None of these symptoms will make your travel fun, and that is why you will need to purchase calming treats for your pet friend.

4 Best Calming Treats for Dogs When Travelling On Planes.

Number one on our list is KarmaPets Calming Treats.

The KarmaPets calming treats have been in the market for quite some time and have been recognized as one of the best calming treats for anxious pets.

These treats have a set of positive reviews, and I see no reason as to why you would not want to purchase these chews for your dog.

These dog foods are packaged in a simple, friendly manner, and they are also affordable.

Also, they seem to have worked for several dog owners too.

The treats also have a way of balancing your dog’s brain chemistry, making them calmer and enjoying the flight.

The KarmaPets are organic and 100% vegan, which means that only contain natural supplements like chamomile extract, organic hemp oil, and passionflower.

These ingredients help alienate stress in your pups, calming them without causing fatigue or drowsiness.

Key Features

  • Contain organic supplements such as passionflower, chamomile extract, and organic hemp oil.
  • Recyclable jar.
  • 105 treats that can last one month.
  • Zesty Paws Calming Bites.

Looking for treats that can instantly calm your pup when traveling? The zesty Paws Calming bites are your best bet.

These treats contain a calming ingredient known as Sunteanine, which is sourced from the US.

They also have a soft, chewy texture that is ideal for younger pups.

You can use the bites for dogs of all ages and all types of breeds.

Your pup won’t get any side effects as long as you use the recommended dosage.

Key Features.

Pawlife wants pet owners to enjoy life to the fullest with their furry friends.

That means that we need to check on what we give our pets. Pawlife has been the first brand to realize the importance of taking care and treating dogs well, just like humans.

Since us humans believe in healthy and active lifestyles, the same should be applied to pups too.

That is why Pawlife came up with Paw life treats for dogs.

These treats are used to calm your pup and reduce their anxiety. PawLife chews have helped thousands of dogs worldwide.

The PawLife pack includes 120 treats which can be used for one month and a half if you regularly use them.

The packaging is simple, and it has all the ingredients used to make the chews on the container.

The ingredients used to make the chews include valerian roots, passionflower, organic chamomile, organic hemp, and organic ginger root.

These chews help reduce symptoms such as aggressive behaviors, anxiety, and agitation that can be brought by strangers, loud noises, and nervous encounters.

Give these treats to your dog a few hours before flying.

Key features                                                        

  • Contains quality ingredients like valerian roots, passionflower, organic chamomile, organic hemp, and organic ginger root.
  • 120 treats that can be used for one month and a half.
  • Simple and easy packaging.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.

Quiet Moments Calming Aids.

Another pack of treats that you can’t fail to carry when flying on a plane is the Quiet Moments Calming Treats by NaturalVet.

These chews can be used for pups as young as 12 weeks old to older dogs.

These treats could work wonders if your dog is suffering from anxiety brought about by flying.

The treats contain melatonin and ginger.

Melatonin is used to help calm your dog while ginger is used to aid in digestion.

Ginger can also be used to reduce the feeling of nausea which often occurs when traveling.

The dosage administration and requirements are written on the label. These chews are certified, which means that they are safe for your dog.

Key Features.

  • 70 easy soft chews that can be used for 30 days
  • Wheat free formula
  • Contain natural ingredients like melatonin and ginger

Bottom Line.

Since our furry friends can’t feed themselves, it is up to us to monitor and control what they eat. This is a great responsibility, and new pet owners may find this quite overwhelming.

The variety of pup chews is stunning, with each brand boasting of great history and a reputable future.

It is up to you as the pet owner to ensure that you find the best dog treats that will calm your hound during your travel escapades.

Make use of the best calm chews for your dog that we have listed above to help reduce anxiety and make them more comfortable when flying.

If you are just getting started, I would recommend you go for the first best KarmaPets Calming Treats for your dog.

These treats have been tested, come in a simple package, and is an excellent choice to calm your dog during the flight.

Chris Jay Sewell
Chris Jay Sewell

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