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Tips to Calm Your Dog When Travelling

  • Airport Rehearsal

One way of calming your dog before travelling is by having airport rehearsal.

If you live near an airport, you can take your dog out for a visit.

Let them get used to the airport atmosphere, the noise and even the smell.

This will help your dog not to get intimated when the flight day arrives.

If there is no nearby airport close to where you live, you can use airplanes recordings and airplane voices to give your dog a snippet of how it feels likes to use a plane.

In case you notice that your dog gets anxious, you can try going slowly with the noise and only increase the volume once your pooch shows signs of adjustment.

  • Amazing Crate

Wouldn’t it be great if your dog buckled up in a passenger’s seat next to you when flying?

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Sadly, that day is far from here. Until then, you will have to make use of a fantastic crate.

Several weeks before your departure, you should ensure that you set up your dog’s crate in an amazing and homely way.

You want to make the crate as comfortable as it can get to give your hound that homely feeling.

One way of making the crate enticing is by always keeping it open, placing some treats inside and spreading warm, cozy blankest inside the crate.

You want to create a positive experience for your dog so that the day he finally travels; they will be already accustomed to that kind of atmosphere.

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