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How to Choose a Travel Surge Protector For Intentional Trips

  • Size and Weight

Bigger is not the recommended size for a travel surge protector.

You need a medium one that is portable when travelling and one that will fit easily into your suitcase or bag pack.

Try to go as small and light as possible by getting a compact power surge protector.

  • Number of Power Outlets

Power surge protectors have different numbers of outlets.

Some have two, while others have three outlets. Also, some come with a USB outlet.

You need to ensure that you get one that has the required number of power outlets for charging your laptop, smartphone or even smart watch if you have one.

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  • Joules

Surge protectors use amounts referred to as joules.

You should make sure that before buying any travel surge protector, you check the joule rating.

Whether you are buying for home, travel or clients use, you need to get a surge protector whose joules will last for a long time.

Every power spike that they protect your devices from depletes the joules lifespan. When the joule rating is exhausted, then you will have no choice other than replacing it.

  • USB Ports

Not everyone needs to use USB ports. However, if you own several electronic USB devices, you will need to get a surge protector that has USB ports.

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