When the owner, Chris Sewell, started traveling Internationally, it was because he was passionate to learn about the world around him.

To see things he didn’t know existed.

The idea of sharing his passion with others was thrilling.

Once he got into international travel, he realized that he had a deeper passion to help others experience new lands, new foods, new customs, and new adventures.

Mr. Sewell wanted to help clients plan the perfect lifestyle experience trip.

He wanted to take it a step further by delivering small surprises along the way.

For example, Chris planned a lifestyle trip for a family to Monaco.

hotel metropole in monaco
Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

He booked the family a 5-night stay at the beautiful Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo.

The hotel featured excellent hospitality.

Extremely attentive staff. Michelin star restaurant on-site with Hermès amenities in rooms and bespoke givenchy spa.

Anyway, the family left Chris a message from JFK airport in NYC because they forgot to pack swimming googles for the kids.

So Chris called the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo and had a set of swimming googles waiting for them inside the room when they arrived.

The client was shocked and amazed. They didn’t expect that from their travel advisor.

For Chris, the favorite part of being a travel advisor isn’t actually talking about travel.

It’s hearing clients tell him how their trip opened their eyes to the world.

How it helped them make connections or improved their marriage.

For Chris, being a travel advisor is all about exceeding client expectations.

At Pure The Experience, we don’t just sell travel packages.

We sell mini lifestyle DREAMS; our travel EXPERTISE and our international CONTACTS.

No online portal can give this to you.