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Find Out The Best Time To Go For A Safari

This usually depends on what you want to see.

Traditionally, the dry season is deemed the best time to go for a safari and as expected this falls at different times depending on the country.

The reason behind this is visibility.

Taking the rainy season as a case study, this development is good for the plant but not exactly for you.

With plants shooting up and bushes getting thick, it’ll be a pain trying to see anything, especially as the animals tend to hide amongst the greenery.

Although, we are not saying you cannot go at other times too as they also have their advantages.

These being the avoidance of large numbers of tourists and the significant reduction in prices.

You Don’t Need To Change Your Wardrobe

As a cliché, you tend to see a lot of tourists with brand new “safari clothes” just for their trips.

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Now, this is fine if you can afford it but not usually if you’re running on a tight budget.

We’re here to tell you that a good pair of eyes, patience and tolerance is a lot more important than the clothes you wear.

You can probably get a good and usable outfit from your wardrobe that still works perfectly fine as any new safari outfit.

Of course, you must take something cool to cover up with like a long-sleeved shirt.

You can combine that with a pair of light-weight comfy trousers or shorts and lastly, a hat to protect you against the sun.

Try to stay away from loud and bright colours to avoid startling the animals.

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Chris Jay Sewell
Chris Jay Sewell

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