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Do Your Research

This is an all-round and very important tip.

Doing your research is important to know what to expect.

Is it a cold country?

Is cash a better means of transaction?

What form of transport is used?

What are the norms and taboos?

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This helps you know what to pack, how to deal with people and preparations you should make.

You should also research their tourist attractions to find out which intrigue you most.

This helps you cover all ground without any regrets.

Lastly, you should check for the medical requirements for the country you intend on travelling to.

This avoids the pricey cost of doing these tests at the port of entry.

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Pure The Experience Advisors - online travel agency

Chris Jay Sewell
Chris Jay Sewell

Pure The Experience specializes advising and planning luxury travel experiences for high-end travelers and their families. Ready for your first or next luxury experience in another country planned out the easy way? Apply to be our next 'Travel Experience' client.