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Santa Marta Sceneries and Fun Activities 

Parque Tayrona

30 kilometers from the Columbia Caribbean coastline, the Tayrona National Natural Park is centered on diversity and ecosystem balance.

On one side you get to enjoy the sea and beaches while on the other side you get a view of the coastal mountains.

Some of the mountains you will see include: the Tovar, the Humo hill, Cielito Pick, Guacamoya Pick, and Hondonada Site.

The park is about 34 km from the town and one can access the park through a bus, taxi, or a boat ride.

A boat ride is about 45 minutes to the park.

To get the boat ride you need to get to the fishing village Taganga which is 5 minutes away from Santa Marta.

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This national natural park has about 400 bird species, over 50 mammal species, about 400 sea, and river fish species, 100 types of coral, 30 species of reptiles and amphibians, and more than 500 species of sea plants and algae.

Owing to this diversity, the Parque Tayrona has grown to be one of the most popular parks in the country.

It is important to note, that one is required to have Yellow Fever vaccination before visiting the park.

Also, a proposal effective since 2020, suggested closure of the park 3 times a year. The closure is meant to regenerate and preserve the ecosystem.

The park was to first be closed for the entire February month, 15 days in June, and from 19th October to 2nd November.

This move was also influenced by the huge number of tourists in the park.

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