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  1. Always Charge Your Devices

No matter what you’re up to, dead devices can be a real bummer!

Imagine you were in the middle of an article and then poof, your device dies.

You see what we mean?

To remain productive on the plane, remember to charge all your devices before you travel.

It may help to also give yourself enough time to adequately charge all your devices.

Then, if you need to charge multiple devices, you should make sure you have enough time to charge them all at once.

We’re sure you wouldn’t want to be in a rush right before your flight or worst still, miss your flight because of that one tablet that didn’t get to 100%.

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  1. Try To Bring An Extra Battery Or Charger

Of course, we known there can be situations where you couldn’t possibly charge your devices or one of them dies after hours of use.

In cases like this, it helps if you have a handy charger or you could also get a USB battery pack which might be easier.

Your battery pack should be charged in advance so that you can use it to restore that phone or laptop when it’s dying.

These devices are usually small and lightweight and very simple to use.

Also, Apple users would have to ensure the battery pack is compatible with their devices as Apple phones and laptops use a different port.

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Chris Jay Sewell

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