Delight In The Extraordinary Scenery

Tuscany and its mind-blowing scenery with sumptuous, extravagantly green farm fields could leave you feeling like you were in a painting.

It also has hillsides grooved with wavy rural roads which are bordered with pointy cypress trees.

Additionally, its stately churches, humble chapels, simple farmhouses and circles of tress which are perched in resplendent tableaus would leave you speechless.

Every tree planted, farmhouse restored and every road re-routed is largely considered carefully based on aesthetics.

Lastly, beauty lies present in the DNA of the Tuscans and they also believe they are inheritors and stewards of a centuries-long legacy of beauty.

Enjoy A “Zero-Kilometer” Meal On The Farm

For centuries, “farm-to-table” was a thing in Tuscany before it became famous among many 21st-century American gourmets.

The Tuscans have always been acutely aware that the same produce can taste very different depending on the conditions the produce was grown.

A lot of Tuscan farms invite visitors to acquire the skill of making their wine, olive oil and prosciutto.

But by far, the best farm experience is having a “zero-kilometre” meal.

This means all the ingredients for that meal are sourced within less than a kilometre of where they’re consumed.

The beauty of this is that you’re not just eating food but eating a very specific place.

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Chris Jay Sewell
Chris Jay Sewell

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